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Dr. Anne Vessières-Jaouen


Academic degrees

1980 : PhD in Biochemistry, University of Rennes, France, Advisor, Pr P. Jouan

1974 : PhD in Organometallic Chemistry, University of Rennes, France, Advisor, Pr P. Dixneuf

1975 : BS in Biochemistry

1972 : BS in Chemistry

Visiting Scientist

Jules Bordet Hospital (Pr. G. Leclercq), Brussels, Belgium (Janv 99, Oct. 03)

Department of Chemistry, McGill University (Pr I.S. Butler), Montreal, Canada (Dec 90, July 86-89, May 81)

Main collective and official responsabilites

Director of the Charles Friedel Laboratory, UMR CNRS 7223
Member of the Management Committee of COST CM1105 « Functional Metal Complexes That Bind To Biomolecules »
Member of the Board of Directors of the ENSCP
Referee, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Chemistry a European Journal, Journal of Organometallic
Chemistry, Bioconjugate, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed, Dalton Trans.

Research fields

Bioorganometallic Chemistry in the following two fields :

  • Synthesis and Structure Activity Relationship of organometallic anti-cancer drugs
  •  Uses of metal carbonyl complexes for infrared quantification of minute amount of tracers

Recent Publications

E. A. Hillard, A. Vessières, G. Jaouen Ferrocene Functionalized Endocrine Modulators for the treatment of cancer. In Medicinal Organometallic Chemistry, Jaouen, G. ; Metzler-Nolte, N., Eds. Springer : Heidelberg, 2010 ; Vol. 32, pp 81-117.

Ferrocene derivatives having antineoplastic activity G. Jaouen, A. Vessières-Jaouen, D. Plazuk International patent WO 2010000793 (2010)

Peer Reviewed Publications

Y. L. K. Tan, P. Pigeon, S. Top, E. Labbe, O. Buriez, E. A. Hillard, A. Vessières, C. Amatore, W. K. Leong, G. Jaouen, Ferrocenyl catechols : synthesis, oxidation chemistry and anti-proliferative effects on MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells, DALTON TRANS. 2012, doi : 10.1039/c2dt30700f

S. Clède, F. Lambert, C. Sandt, Z. Gueroui, N. Delsuc, P. Dumas, A. Vessières, C. Policar, Synchrotron radiation FTIR détection of a metal-carbonyl tamoxifen analog. Correlation with luminescence microscopy to study its subcellular distribution, BIOTECHNOLOGY ADVANCES , doi :10.1016/j.biotechadv.2012.01.023

K. N. Tiwari, J.-P. Monserrat, A. Hequet, C. Ganem-Elbaz, G. Jaouen, A. Vessières, E. A. Hillard, C. Jolivalt, In vitro inhibitory properties of ferrocene-substituted chalcones and aurones on bacterial and human cell cultures, DALTON TRANS. 41, 6451-6457 (2012)

P. Messina, E. Labbé, O. Buriez, C. Amatore, E. A. Hillard, G. Jaouen, A.Vessières, S. Top, Y.-M. Frapart, D. Mansuy, Deciphering the activation sequence of ferrociphenol anticancer drug candidates, CHEMISTRY EUR. J. 18, 6581-6587 (2012)

M. Roger, A. Clavreul, N. T. Huynh, C. Passirani, P. Schiller, A. Vessières, C. Montero-Menei and P. Menei, Ferrociphenol lipid nanocapsule delivery by mesenchymal stromal cells in brain tumor therapy, INT. J. PHARMACEUT., 423, 63-68 (2012)

N. T. Huynh, C. Passirani, E. Allard-Vannier, L. Lemaire, J. Roux, E. Garcion, A. Vessières and J. P. Benoit, Administration-dependent efficacy of ferrociphenol lipid nanocapsules for the treatment of intracranial 9L rat gliosarcoma, INT. J. PHARMACEUT., 423, 55-62 (2012)

J. P. Monserrat, R. I. Al-Safi, K. N. Tiwari, L. Quentin, G. G. Chabot, A. Vessières, G. Jaouen, N. Neamati, E. A. Hillard, Ferrocenyl chalcone difluoridoborates inhibit HIV-1 integrase and display low activity towards cancer and endothelial cells, BIOORG. MED. CHEM. LET. 21, 6195-6197 (2011)

Treatment of 9L gliosarcoma in rats by ferrociphenol-loaded lipid nanocapsules based on a passive targeting strategy via the EPR effect, N. T. Huynh, M. Morille, J. Bejaud, P. Legras, A. Vessières, G. Jaouen and J. P. Benoit, C. Passirani, PHARM. RES., 28, 318-3198 (2011)

P. Pigeon, S. Top, A. Vessières, M. Huché, M. Görmen, M. El Arbi, M.-A. Plamont, M. J. McGlinchey and G. Jaouen, A new series of ferrocifen derivatives, bearing two aminoalkyl chains, with strong antiproliferative effects on breast cancer cells, NEW J. CHEM., 35, 2212-2218 (2011)

S. Top, I. Efremenko, M.-N. Rager, A. Vessières, P. Yaswen, G. Jaouen and R. H. Fish Derivatives Reacting with Cp*Rh Complexes that involve eta(1)-N, eta(2)-N,O, eta(1)-O, and eta(6) Bonding Modes, via a Novel N-pi Rearrangement, , Synthetic and Mechanistic Pathways of Cis and Trans-Hydroxytamoxifen Drug, INORG. CHEM., 50, 271-284 (2011)

O. Payen, S. Top, A. Vessières, E. Brulé, A. Lauzier, M.-A. Plamont, M.J. McGlinchey, H. Muller-Bunz, G. Jaouen, Synthesis and biological activity of ferrocenyl derivatives of the non-steroidal antiandrogens flutamide and bicalutamide, J. Organomet. Chem. 696, 1049-1056 (2011)

M. El Arbi, P. Pigeon, S. Top, A. Rhouma, S. Aifa, A. Rebai, A. Vessières, M.-A. Plamont, G. Jaouen,Evaluation of bactericidal and fungicidal activity of ferrocenyl or phenyl derivatives in the diphenyl butene series, J. ORGANOMET. CHEM. 696, 1038-1048 (2011)

C. Policar, J. B. Waern, M.-A. Plamont, S. Clède, C. Mayet, R. Prazeres, J.-M. Ortega, A. Vessières, A. Dazzi, Subcellular IR imaging of a metal-carbonyl moiety using photothermally induced résonance, ANGEW. CHEM. INT. ED. 50, 860-864 (2011)

M. Görmen, P. Pigeon, S. Top, E. A. Hillard, M. Huché, C.G. Hartinger, F. de Montigny, M.-A. Plamont, A. Vessières, G. Jaouen, Synthesis, cytotoxicity, and COMPARE analysis of ferrocene and [3]ferrocenophane tetrasubstituted olefin derivatives against human cancer cells CHEMMEDCHEM 5, 2039-2050 (2010)

N. Fischer-Durand, M. Salmain, B. Rudolf, L. Dai, L. Jugé, V. Guérineau, O. Laprévote, A. Vessières, G. Jaouen, Site-specific conjugation of metal carbonyl dendrimer to antibody and its use as detection reagent in immunoassay, ANAL. BIOCHEM. 407, 211-219 (2010)

D. Plazuk, S.Top, A. Vessières, M.-A. Plamont, M. Huché, J. Zakrzewski, A. Makal, K. Wozniak, G. Jaouen, Organometallic cyclic polyphenols derived from 1,2-(alpha-keto tri or tetra methylene) ferrocene show strong antiproliferative activity on hormone-independent breast cancer cells, DALTON TRANS., 39, 7444-7450 (2010)

M. Görmen, P. Pigeon, S. Top, A. Vessières, M. A. Plamont, E. A. Hillard, G. Jaouen, Facile synthesis and strong antiproliferative activity of disubstituted diphenylmethylidenyl-[3]ferrocenophanes on breast and prostate cancer cell lines, MEDCHEMCOMM., 1, 149-151 (2010)

E. Allard, D. Jarnet, A. Vessières, S. Vinchon-Petit, G. Jaouen, J.-P. Benoit, C. Passirani, Local delivery of ferrociphenol lipid nanocapsules followed by external radiotherapy as a synergistic treatment against intracranial 9L glioma xenograft, PHARMACEUT. RES. , 27, 56-64 (2010)

A. Vessières, C. Corbet, J. M. Heldt, N. Lories, N. Jouy, I. Laios, G. Leclercq, G. Jaouen, R. A. Toillon, A ferrocenyl derivative of hydroxytamoxifen elicits an estrogen receptor-independent mechanism of action in breast cancer cell lines, J. INORG. BIOCHEM., 104, 503-511 (2010)

K. Nikitin, Y. Ortin, H. Müller-Bunz, M.-A. Plamont, G. Jaouen, A. Vessières, M. J. McGlinchey, Organometallic SERMs (selective estrogen receptor modulators) : cobaltifens, the (cyclobutadiene)cobalt analogues of hydroxytamoxifène, J. ORGANOMET. CHEM., 695, 595-608 (2010)

M. Görmen, D. Plazuk, P. Pigeon, E. A. Hillard, M. A. Plamont, S. Top, A. Vessières, G. Jaouen, Comparative toxicity of [3]ferrocenophane and ferrocene moieties on breast cancer cells, TETRAHEDRON LETT., 51, 118-120 (2010)


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