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Pr. Michael Tatoulian


Academic degrees

1995 : PhD in Chemical engineering, University Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC)-Paris 6
2005 : Habilitation/Aggregation (Ph.D. Direction), University Pierre et Marie Curie


Main collective and official responsibilities

Since 2012: Director of the LGPPTS

Since 2011: Member of the steering comity of Institut Pierre Gilles de Gennes (IPGG)

Since 2007 : Head of the research group » Plasma Processing, Materials and Microsystems” Dept. Chem. engineering, University Pierre et Marie Curie

Since 2005 : Associate Professor, Dept. Materials Engineering, Laval University, Québec (Canada)

Since 2009 : Member of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) committee « Materials and Chemical Engineering” (1511) (Canada)

Since 2006 : Member of the scientific executive committee of Thermec

Research fields

Research fields Michael Tatoulian received the Ph.D. degree in chemical engineering from Pierre et Marie Curie University (UPMC)–Paris 6 (Paris, France). Michael Tatoulian is currently full professor in chemical engineering at Chimie Paristech, and director of the LGPPTS (Laboratory of Plasma processing and surface treatment (LGPPTS) since 2012. He is the author of 105 scientific papers (48 in International refereed journals -62 in conference proceedings), 2 patents, 1 keynote, 2 plenary presentations and 24 invited talks, (10 in international conferences, 14 in laboratory or university seminars).

His group is specialized in the surface modifications of different materials (polymers, glass, steel…) by plasma technology. In particular, the “plasma team” has developed in the last ten years, lot of work in the plasma polymerization of organic and inorganic coatings, in low pressure or atmospheric pressure systems, enlarging the fields of applications of the plasma technology. Since 2005, Prof. M. Tatoulian developed specific collaborations to enlarge the application of plasma technology to the development and fabrication of microsystems ; (i) with Dr. Patrick Tabeling (ESPCI) to control the synthesis of o/w/o emulsions in microfluidic devices, (ii) with Prof. D. Bonn (ENS) for the development of catalytic microreactors aiming to provide fundamental insight in their reaction mechanism, and (iii) with Prof. E. Dufour-Gergam (IEF-Paris Sud) to develop microfabrication technology ("MEMS Process By Film Transfer Using Fluorocarbon Anti-adhesive Layer").

In 2011, his group has been awarded by the “Ministere de la Recherche et de l’Enseignement Supérieure” in a call of proposal Equipex with the creation of a new institute named “Fondation Pierre Gilles de Gennes pour la microfluidique”, aiming to develop applications of microfluidics and microreactors. In that context, a large part of the research work is dedicated to the development of catalytic microreactor and microfluidics systems dedicated to control of simple and double emulsions.

Scientific production in October 2012 : 48 publications in ISI referenced international journals, 2 patents, 6 book chapters. Teaching - Plasma processing of materials – Process intensification - Chemical process safety

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Pr. Michel Tatoulian

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