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Enjoy your stay at Chimie ParisTech for study or internship mobilities!

Study with us

Chimie ParisTech is dedicated to providing educational opportunities to students around the globe.What you need to know:If you’re considering becoming an international student at Chimie ParisTech there are a few considerations to take into account :

  • All our courses are in French. Depending on where you earned previous degrees, we may ask you to submit test scores showing your level of French proficiency.

  • Application Deadlines : The study program at Chimie ParisTech begin in September, you must ensure that the application form get to Chimie ParisTech before May 31th of the year concerned. 




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Application Procedure

Step 1 : Application form

Complete the Application Form and prepare all documents required:

  • CV

  • Covering letter

  • Transcript records

  • Recommendation letters

Send the completed application with these documents directly to International Relations at Chimie ParisTech


Step 2 : Wait for a response

Successful applicants will receive from the director of Chimie ParisTech an admission letter, which will provide information on the tuition fees, social insurance fees, complementary health insurance fees, and the date of the commencement of the study.

If an application is unsuccessful, applicants will receive an explanatory letter.


Step 3 : Accommodation

Chimie ParisTech doesn’t own student’s accommodation.
Few links for helping your search:
Do not hesitate to contact us for further questions concerning your studies. Looking forward to meeting you!

Become an intern

Step 1: Take a look on the website of our labs, and choose one

Step 2: Contact the director of the lab or for IRCP the head of the team

Step 3: If the lab agrees for an internship, please complete the application form and send it to 

In the same time, contact your university for the acceptance

Step 4: Wait for the answer of your university and Chimie Paristech

Good luck and have a nice stay! 



Institut de Recherche de Chimie Paris 


Unité de Technologies Chimiques et Biologiques pour la Santé

Institut de Recherche et Développement sur l’Energie Photovoltaïque